A Wonderful Testimonial

We’d like to share a wonderful email & picture we received with you – we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


From: Freddy
Sent: Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014
To: Winding Woods Ranch
Subject: Lilly

Hey Daniel – Freddy here.

Well, it’s been a year since the egg cracked open and popped out Lilly.

She has been a stellar bird – an absolute member of the family.
I can’t thank you enough for all the time you spent with me.
I certainly am glad that I found you and now have this beautiful creature in my life forever.

Extend my thanks to your wife as well.
I hope your world is happy…..I know mine sure is with my Lilly.

Love and feathers.


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Our “SUPER FOOD” Video

Our New Years Resolutions…..



Daniel & Teresa start off the New Year by sharing with you the instructional video that displays them whipping up a fabulous batch of parrot “SUPER FOOD”.

Just click on this image and you will be directed to our parrot gallery to view our videos in their entirety.

May you all have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!

We sincerely thank you all for your continued support!

~ The Walthers Family

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Fox 5 Atlanta Interview

Fox 5 Atlanta Interview / Kennesaw State Owl Mascot


KSU Live Owl Mascot

Daniel Walthers (trainer) & Vaughn Williams (Director of Athletics KSU) appear on Fox5 Atlanta this morning (10/01/13) to introduce Kennesaw States 1st “Live” Mascot.

They are conducting a “NAME THE KSU MASCOT” Contest & would like everyone to participate in naming this magnificent Great Horned Owl.

To view the complete interview & get details – click the following link:


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Sorry……..It’s Been Awhile!

Yes – It’s been quite some time since we have updated our blog……………..and we apologize!!



To our visitors that have inquired: YES!  We are still raising & selling our magnificent Macaws & Corvids.

Due to the tremendous amount of time that we devote to the care & socializing of our birds, to ensure that each & every customer gets a “perfect” pet that will become a lifetime family member, we “thank you” all for your patience & understanding when we fall behind updating our blog. – Daniel

So, let us fill you in on the things that have been happening here at Winding Woods Ranch and why we have fallen so far behind in our communications.

I have posted the picture (above) of a “new” journey I am so honored to have become a part of.

Kennesaw State University decided that they wanted a “live” Owl to become their official mascot this year.

Knowing that I previously worked with the Baltimore Ravens training their raven mascot in 2008-2009 – KSU contacted me.

Their beautiful Great Horned Owl mascot is now being raised & training here at Winding Woods Ranch in anticipation for his big debut in October.

We have added the entire story to date – from concept & fertile egg to 5 ft. wingspan currently within our blog under “Daniel’s Journeys”.

We hope that you enjoy the journey with us……………….. ~Daniel

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Price Increase Notification!

To our valued customers – as of Jan. 1, 2013, we unfortunately will be increasing our parrot purchase prices slightly due to the ever increasing costs involved in the production & maintenance of these magnificent parrots. New prices will be displayed Jan. 01, 2013.

We appreciate your understanding & continued patronage.

Thank you,
Daniel Walthers

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