Cone Enrichment Treats


Enrichment Treats Cones

1 box Jiffy Corn muffin mix

1/3 cup milk

1 egg

Ice cream cones

Mix corn muffin batter according to package instructions using mix, milk, & egg.

Mix well until smooth.

Add batter to ice cream cone – filling approx. ¾ full.

Place cone with batter into microwave & cook on high for 35 seconds.

Remove from microwave, check with toothpick to be sure batter is fully cooked (the same as you would check to see if a cake were fully cooked). Let cool.

Once cooled – use peanut butter as icing. The peanut butter adds additional protein and a base for additional treats.

Roll or sprinkle peanut butter cone with favorite treat to coat. (example – nuts, unsweetened cereal, unshelled sunflower seeds, pellets, etc.)

Use your imagination to create your own combination. (example: mashed banana added to peanut butter adds additional benefits)

This enrichment treat is designed to be used with Daniel’s custom created Enrichment perch which can be purchased at at the store.
For addition tips & suggestions from Daniel, watch the video posted above.



Download “printable”  Cone Enrichment Treats recipe here!


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