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This new CORVID training technique DVD teaches you to work with your corvid in a natural way.   Daniel has studied prey animals & understands how their minds are wired. Over the past 30 years he’s learned & perfected a technique that works with these highly intelligent creatures – and explains all of the details […]

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NEW Parrot DVD / Tool Combo

The “HELPING HAND” Training Tool / Instructional DVD Combo Daniel Walthers has created this one-of-a-kind training tool / instructional DVD combo that WORKS! Whether your parrot is young or old – this exclusive combo will provide you with all the knowledge needed that will enable you to build a lasting relationship that will last a […]

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NEW Raven & Crow DVD
Available Today!

EXCITING NEWS! Daniel has just completed the NEW Raven & Crow DVD for all Corvid Lovers!   Purchase your copy today and learn all the tips and techniques that Daniel shares with everyone that owns or has considered owning one of these magnificent birds. Please visit our Raven/Crow products page for purchasing information!

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** Upcoming Video Production **

Be on the look out for Daniel’s new video. He will be discussing Blue Fronted Amazons & why they make wonderful family pets. He will be sharing why he believes that the Blue Fronts are one of  the most desirable of all for 1st time Amazons owners. Please watch for the upcoming video being posted […]

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New Video Available Now!!!

As promised – the first of our series of videos is now available!! We have started our series of videos by addressing a common question that I am asked by people that are considering adding a parrot to their family. I hope that you find this video educational and informative in assisting you to choose […]

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