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Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries Large Sweet Potatoes – thoroughly washed & quartered Cut sweet potato sections into french fry shapes. Use vegetable dicer for convenience. Place fries into vegetable steamer & microwave for 3 minutes. Fries will be soft, yet firm. Let cool thoroughly. Easy recipe and very nutritional & beneficial – full of many of […]

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Cone Enrichment Treats

  Enrichment Treats Cones 1 box Jiffy Corn muffin mix 1/3 cup milk 1 egg Ice cream cones Mix corn muffin batter according to package instructions using mix, milk, & egg. Mix well until smooth. Add batter to ice cream cone – filling approx. ¾ full. Place cone with batter into microwave & cook on […]

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Bird Goulash

Submitted by Shannon Woodrow & her beautiful Starlight Macaw “Tango” Bird Goulash 1 package of 15 bean soup mix (remove seasoning packet) 2 pound brown rice, cooked completely 2 pound wheat or vegetable pasta, cooked Al Dente (use any shape that your bird prefers) 2 lbs of frozen corn 2 lbs of frozen peas 2 […]

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New Recipe Exchange

We are adding a “recipe exchange” section to our blog. We will be posting a variety of recipes that Daniel & our wonderful customers have shared. We would like to welcome everyone to participate. Send us “that” special recipe that makes your bird do back flips when they see it coming. 🙂 Don’t forget to […]

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