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About the Walthers
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The Walthers Family

Walthers Family


Daniel Walthers started working with parrots at the ripe old age of 9.  His interest in birds actually started years earlier than that - he would sneak in pigeons and keep them on a shelf in his closet. Even back then, he was insightful enough to realize they needed exercise, so he'd sneak them outside under his shirt or coat daily for exercise. He fed them and cared for them lovingly.  Can you believe he never got caught?  His Mom found out decades later and replied "Doesn't surprise me".

He grew up in Willmar, Minnesota, met Teresa, and they've been married for 28 years!  They now reside on their 36 acre Winding Woods Ranch in Commerce, Georgia with their (2) children, Christina, and Matthew. The entire family is involved with animals.  As you can see on the video clips, Matthew is very good with the birds and spends a considerable amount of time with his Dad learning all the training techniques.  Christina enjoys the birds; but prefers to work with the American Saddlebred horses.  She shows them and has done quite well.  She's an excellent rider!  She also helps Dad with the day to day chores and responsiblilites around the farm.
Teresa Walthers is a Realtor® and stays very busy working the entire metro Atlanta Area.  She also enjoys gardening and all the animals as well.

In addition to raising, training and selling of the various types of birds, Daniel also works with American Saddlebred Show horses.  He breeds, trains, boards and sells them.  He usually has horses from all over the country in his barn as he's known for his Natural Horsemanship training techniques.  From high spirited American Saddlebreds, Warm Blood Dressage horses all the way to Quarter Trail horses - the ground work that is so essential in the relationship between horse and rider is all the same.  Quite frankly, he is a bit of a Doctor Doolittle.

He has a special gift when it comes to God's Creatures. He has taken a never been touched Cockatoo that was so scared and wild that he'd lay on his back and use his feet to fight and turn him into a gentle loving family pet in a matter of a week.  He works with Veterinarians, Zoos, rehabilitation facilities, various animal trainers, breeders, customers, etc. from all over the Continental United States.  People come to him for help, as his experience is well known and highly regarded in the pet industry.


He is a kind, honest and gentle soul that relates beautifully with all of God's Creatures - humans and animals alike.


- The Walthers Family